Thursday, August 11, 2005

End Of

Craig's gone. End of. He won Miss World, gave birth to a baby, snogged two girls whilst simultaneously admitting he was gay and refusing to discuss his sexuality, impersonated a German, and invited the housemates to hit him one more time. An offer they sadly declined. But ultimately he refused to diminish his character to survive. Which is obviously where he went wrong.

Craig may have gone in looking like Howard Jones, but he came out (no pun intended) looking like the kind of psychopathic partner that Glenn Close plays in Hollywood films. Let's just say that if Anthony had owned a rabbit, Craig would've cooked it. Thank god they only had that kitten for an hour.

Not that Craig fancied Anthony. Oh no. He "respected him as a person" and "began to look at him as a member of my family". The member of the family in question being husband. Although naturally he always insisted that Eugene was more in love with Anthony than he was. Which is surprising - Eugene's so busy destroying other people's lives, it's a wonder he found the time to muscle in on Craig's boyfriend.

Talking of the evil genius, he's now a rich evil genius, after accepting a tax-free gift of fifty grand from Big Brother. I wish I had a brother like that. It was clearly a double-edged sword though - on the one hand he was given £50,000 just for going into the diary room; on the other, the guilt of taking the money will no doubt cause him to slash his wrists by the end of the day. That's if he can stop crying long enough to open the knife drawer.