Sunday, June 12, 2005

Is My Minge Showing?

Honestly, sometimes the British public just can't be trusted. Two years ago it was the legend that is Jon Tickle; this time around they've gone and evicted the second biggest breasts in Huddersfield.

Do people have no idea how this thing works?? You don't vote for the person you hate - you vote for the least entertaining. Good god, if we evicted everyone we hated, the house would be empty in week one. No, what we need is objectionable slappers. And anyone who enters the Big Brother house in a PVC nurse's uniform, spends two weeks slagging everyone off to their faces, and then leaves as 'Sergeant Sexy' complete with truncheon and handcuffs, is not someone we should be discarding.

Lesley will be much missed. And not just because she had the kind of accent you could take the piss out of for hours. I particularly enjoyed her telling Saskia that she could picture her with "really sticky-out ears". I'm still not quite sure what the point of that was, but it pissed off Saskia, and that's the main thing.

On the bright side, Lesley was "really happy" to be evicted (aren't they all), and her biggest fear was that "they're gonna throw mushrooms at me". With that kind of attitude, no wonder they're so short of food in that house. But I'm sorry, any BB contestant who leaves the house with the words "Is my minge showing?", is clearly someone we can't afford to lose. The woman was solid gold, and we're a poorer nation without her.