Friday, July 22, 2005

Lion Power

I despair, I really do. What do the British public think they're playing at?? Citizen Science, one of the finest Big Brother housemates in history, goes up against Orlaith, a woman whose only assets are a pair of fake breasts and a head scarf, and we go and evict Science.

He washes mince under the tap for goodness sake, and insists that "fish fingers is not a luxury item" - that alone is grounds for keeping him in there if you ask me. He even managed to wind up Derek whilst dressed in a blue dog suit, which is no mean feat. But then, as the man himself said, "I'm not a wannabe gangster, but yes, I am ghetto". Whatever that means.

On the other side we had Orlaith, who spent the entire week in tears, talking about her outright desperation to go, whilst simultaneously forgetting that she's free to leave at any time. Her sole redeeming moment came on Wednesday, when she announced that her best quality is her ability to rise above things and not let them get to her. That was 24 hours after screaming at Science in the garden for ten minutes, bursting into tears, and sobbing that she can't cope any more.

But that aside, the woman's just a walking nipple, and we needed to bust her out of there. Personally I think the only reason she won was because no one could spell 'Orlaith' in a text message. Science on the other hand, was the first housemate in history not to care what people thought of him. He was also the first to state "I'm a lion and I'll bite your hand off". And by voting him out, we've bitten the hand that's been feeding us for the past eight weeks.