Friday, June 03, 2005

Ditch the Witch

So Mary's gone from the Big Brother house. A little unfair, seeing as she received just the one nomination (from Saskia, who'd previously begged her to stay), but at the very least it goes to show how sceptical the British public are about witchcraft. After all, given the choice between a scary psychic with the power to cast evil spells, or a hairdresser whose idea of wreaking a terrible revenge would be to give you blonde highlights, whose wrath would you rather incur?

Needless to say I voted for Craig.

But you have to admit the timing of Mary's eviction is quite spooky - the new series of 'Housebusters' started on Five tonight, and if Mary can't find a job there, amongst some of the biggest new age cranks on the planet (and Janet Ellis), then she's not half the mermaid I think she is.